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Uniden America Corporation, the North American subsidiary of Japan-based Uniden Corporation, manufactures and markets wireless consumer electronic products including Business Telecommunications Systems, Bearcat® Scanners, Video Surveillance Systems, FRS/GMRS Radios, Marine Radios and other wireless personal communications products. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Uniden sells its products hrough dealers and distributors throughout North, Central and South America.

Founded in 1966, in just over 30 years, we've become a global leader in in wireless technology and communications with operations in the United States, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Uniden continues to lead innovation across the consumer electronics industry, including Surveillance Systems, GMRS Two-Way Radios, Marine Electronics and Radio Scanners. Uniden is creating a World Without Wires, which means we're building products that give our customers more freedom to enjoy life, solve problems and always stay connected with 

others. We are keeping you connected.



 DC120G​ Dash Camera


SX377-2CKHS​ GMR Radio


 G6840D1 ​Video Surveillance System


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