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Secur Products is a division of Maverick Industries, Inc. based in Edison, New Jersey. For over 30 years, Maverick has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of household electronics and electric appliances. We offer complete customer service and stand firmly behind all our products. Secur Products is dedicated to constant product development and

technological innovation to produce leading edge products for emergency preparedness, outdoor sports, portable power solutions and alternative energy.


Secur Products combine the latest innovations in technology with effective solutions for emergency situations - solutions when the lights go out, solutions when you need to stay connected and informed, solutions when the power goes out, solutions for things that go bump in the night. Let technology keep you safe and secure.


Combining the latest developments in LED lighting, lithium-ion batteries and portable solar panels, Secur Products offer high performance yet lightweight solutions for outdoor sports. By using alternative power solutions, our flashlights, lanterns, radios and outdoor accessories never need batteries or fuel. Lighten your load and venture far off the grid. 

Mobile Charging

In today’s digital age we have become more dependent than ever on portable devices running on batteries. Power hungry applications continue to decrease the amount of time digital devices can operate without recharging. Secur Products offer a wide range of solutions for expanded portable power storage and lightweight off grid power generation. Welcome to the 

world of true portability.


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Emergency NOAA Weather Radio & Flashlight (SP-2003)


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