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LifeSecure Emergency Solutions has now secured over 700,000 lives in case of an emergency or disaster. We do this by providing superior emergency kits and supplies that meet US Government Guidelines and survival gear with innovative designs that perform in tough times.

We help people at home, work, school and on-the-go respond effectively to emergencies and natural or man-made disasters. Along with peace of mind, our solutions provide: improved organization for emergency kits that are easier to use, increased mobility with Easy-Roll and MobileAid emergency kits and added safety with high-visibility reflectors and LED flashers.

Why have over 700,000 people chosen LifeSecure to help them be secure?

  • Superior supplies that meet U.S. Government guidelines 
  • Innovative design for survival gear that performs in tough times 
  • Improved organization for emergency kits that are easier to use 
  • Increased mobility with Easy-Roll and MobileAid emergency kits 
  • Added safety with high-visibility reflectors and LED flashers 



SecurEvac™ Easy-Roll™ 30-Person
Evacuation & Shelter-In-Place Kit



25-Person Shelter-In-Place
Emergency Kit


25-Person 1-Day Shelter-in-Place
Combo Emergency Kit


10-Person Shelter-In-Place 

Emergency Kit 



MobileAid® Easy-Roll
Trauma First Aid Station


MobileAid® OTS™ On-the-Go
First Aid Kit


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