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Defining Rugged: Exceptional Engineering, Rock Solid Products, Extensive Testing

As the leader in the industry with innovative ideas on vehicle equipment mounting solutions, Gamber-Johnson takes pride in delivering the best quality products to the market. Whether you are a police officer, an EMT, a firefighter, a utility worker or road warrior, you will benefit from the ease of using Gamber-Johnson products to get your work done efficiently on the go.

Today, Gamber-Johnson makes the highest quality vehicle laptop mounts on the market. Our mission is clear; we exist to provide superior value to our customers by building new and innovative products. Our highest goal is to gain our customers’ trust by consistently surpassing expectations.

Soldiers and police officers around the world depend on our products to keep the tools they need for their jobs close at hand. Emergency workers such as police officers, ambulance drivers and firefighters use our vehicle docking stations and police consoles to keep medical and communications gear charged and ready to go — and we don’t stop there.

Utility and service workers use our equipment to access and print work orders and other information on the go. Even warehouse workers need forklift laptop mounts to access stock and delivery information. We offer a wide variety of mounting hardware to meet the needs of these diverse customers, and we will design a system to meet your needs as well.

Computers, smartphones and tablets are becoming the standard; it is difficult or impossible to conduct business without having ready access to these peripherals and the information they allow us to access.

If you need fleet car laptop mounts or any other in-vehicle hardware, see us. Our systems are not one-size-fits-all universal laptop mounts. We work directly with manufacturers of computer hardware and vehicles, so you can trust that our systems will work, no matter what combination of devices and vehicles you have. No other company has the experience, the expertise and the industry connections to build a better product. Whatever your needs are, you’re well connected when you choose Gamber-Johnson.



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