TeamConnect's push-to-talk application allows field workers, managers and work team coordinators to instantly communicate. Eliminate the frustration and delays of waiting on hold to reach your team! Drivers can communicate with one button push-to-talk and maintain focus on the road while adhering to safe driving. Managers can quickly view status updates and respond to critical issues.


A specialist in innovative and quality respirator design and manufacturing.Established in 2009 by a world class medical device engineering team with a vision to make respiratory protection wearable and easy to use. Designed and built with the same rigour as in the medical industry, CleanSpace respirators are safe and reliable. Our dedication to product quality, training and customer service is reflected throughout the business. CleanSpace respirators (NIOSH approved) deliver significant safety and compliance benefits over traditional masks and are sold in over 20 countries.


[NA·NOOK] WHAT'S IN A NAME? Thriving in an unforgiving landscape, the Polar Bear has evolved to survive the challenges of ​the​ freezing temperatures, frigid waters​,​ and ​ice-covered ​terrain of the arctic. As one of earth's most resilient predators, the great white bear is the inspiration behind our ​brand​ name ​due to its strength and fearlessness—made​ to survive in the harshest ​of​ conditions.


Gamber-Johnson Zirkona Sweden AB

Zirkpona, manufacture and sell equipment and products such as mounts and brackets in cars, trucks, buses, boats, airplanes, means all driving vehicle environments. Zirkona’s mounts or brakets consist in part of finished products for the installation of computers, PC’s, tablet PC’s or other monitors for mobile units, and in part of installation systems for industrial and many other fields. Zirkona has also developed a unique ball joint, Zirkona Joiner, which has a patent pending on the world market; this is available as a component in most of our products and systems. Our quest is always to be one step ahead of the competition with continual improvements in function and design. This gives us the motivation every day to find new areas of use for our products.
Zirkona’s vision is to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers within this niche market. We will attain this goal through the progressive development of the products keeping function, ergonomics and safety in mind.


This all-in-one emergency radio does it all – digital NOAA weather band radio, AM/FM radio, cell phone charger, USB compatible, built-in hand crank and solar panel. Can be charged via built-in hand crank, built-in solar panel or external USB connection. Charges cell phones or other digital devices.


OccuNomix is a leading designer and manufacturer of personal safety equipment for people all over the world. Our products can protect you from workplace accidents and the discomforts and dangers of hot, cold or rainy environments. OccuNomix helps employers meet OSHA regulations for industrial safety. Our products are also enjoyed by millions of people engaged in sports and hobbies and are used for the relief of many types of aches and pains. The world leader in personal heat stress prevention products with our MiraCool cooling bandanas, cooling headbands, terry headbands, disposable sponge sweatbands and phase change cooling vests. Our HotRods hard hat winter liners protect workers from cold weather. Vulcan hard hats and bump caps help keep those same heads protected from falling objects and bumps and scrapes. Occulux high visibility safety vests, coats, pants and T-shirts meet ANSI 107-2015.

Providing innovation in ergonomic supports and prevention products, OccuNomix has a broad selection of back supports and wrist supports. Our OccuMitts support gloves are perfect for the workplace, great as hobby gloves and have been used worldwide by arthritis sufferers for hand pain relief. In addition, we carry a large selection of anti-vibration gloves, mechanic’s and extrication gloves and flame resistant garments.


Fisher’s M-Scope walk-through metal detector provides portable and permanent security solutions worldwide. Whether it is protecting the schools and courts in America, a train station in London, or Olympic events in China, the M-Scope earns its reputation as “the world’s most versatile walk-through metal detector.”

For your unique security needs the M-Scope offers intelligent, dynamic and an effective portable security solution with features and options unavailable in many permanent walk-through metal detectors

FirstWatch manufactures professional products designed to keep you safe, comfortable and able to work in the most unforgiving marine environments. FirstWatch has developed a line of professional flotation gear that is second to none. FirstWatch gear is made for comfort, style and versatility. From coast guards to search and rescue to professional fishermen, FirstWatch gear is engineered from top to bottom to make sure the wearer as able to do their job.


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